What is the Number of BH Citizens who have renounced the Citizenship?

May 17, 2019 11:00 AM

In the last four years, 20,536 people have renounced citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and 10 million BAM is the income for the past three years from the resignation tax, it was answered to Sasa Magazinović, a SDP representative at the House of Representatives of the PSBiH, who was interested in these data.

“In the coming years, this number will be significantly higher as the number of those going to countries with which we do not have a dual citizenship agreement increases. Over time, a great number of people will acquire conditions for the citizenship of that state. In the first place, Germany, “Magazinovic said.

Although the official data of the Bureau of Statistics is almost five times smaller, the departure of young people should be an invitation to the action of all segments of society.

Unfortunately, global strategies for stopping the departure of BH residents in our country are still missing, News Agency Patria reports.


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