What is Amount of Petroleum Products produced in BiH?

Production of petroleum products in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2017 is 862.784 tons. The amount of petroleum products available for supply is 1.668.840 tons, out of which 30 942 tons is for transformation input, energy sector consumption is 127.931 tons and final consumption is 1.509.967 tons.

According to BiH’s Agency for Statistics, the final energy consumption share in total final consumption is 95.6% and final non-energy consumption share is 4.4%.

In total final energy consumption of 1.443.845 tons of petroleum products in 2017, the largest share has transport sector of 84%, households participate with 3%, industry with 7%, while the other, construction and agriculture sectors participate with 5,9%.

Import of crude oil and feedstock in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 is 856.090 tons.

In late February, the Federal Ministry of Trade issued a statement which contains data on import of petroleum products in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the period from January to December 2016, 911,565 tons of oil products was imported in FBiH, which amounts for 13.62 percent more than the same period last year when the imported oil amounted to 802,313 tones.

The country from which the most oil products were imported was Croatia (522,309 tons), followed by Italy (225,846 tons), Serbia (94,334 tons), Hungary (10,985 tons), Slovenia (9,902 tons), Austria (1,078 tones) and other countries (47,111 tons).
Refinery Bosanski Brod and other suppliers from the Republika Srpska supplied 221,002 tons, which is about 22.60 percent less than the same period last year when it purchased 285,500 tons.

The biggest amount of oil products from the Republic of Slovenia was acquired by Optima Group Ltd. Banja Luka and about 90.16 percent (199,251 tons), while the remaining amount of oil products were purchased from companies Reunion Ltd. Banja Luka, Super Petrol Banja Luka, Gaga – Trans Banja Luka, IGMIN MM and directly from the refinery Bosanski Brod.

The largest suppliers of petroleum products in the Federation are Holdina (514,360 tons), Petrol (193,331 tons), G-petrol (91,837 tons) and Hifa (57,877 tons).

The average price of fuel in January 2017 recorded in the Federation of BiH is 1.90 BAM for diesel, gasoline BMB95 1.95 and 2.10 for diesel BMB98. It is the same average value recorded in December 2016, and the similarity is a consequence of the minimum fluctuations in the world market, which have been ongoing for three months.

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