What is Amount of Consumer Basket for Four-membered Family in BiH?

April 3, 2019 10:30 AM

One consumer basket in March amounts to 2,024.40 BAM for four members family, and is 4.6 BAM more expensive than the consumer basket for the previous month.

The average salary paid in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for January 2019 amounted to 924 BAM (the latest data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics) and by 10 BAM is higher than the average salary paid in December 2018. The coverage of the consumer basket with an average salary is 45.64 percent.

When making a consumer basket, the average salary paid in the Federation of BiH was taken into account, and the minimum costs of living a four-membered family comprised of two adults and two children, one in secondary education and the other in the age of the primary school child.

The consumer basket comprises: food (38.8 percent), housing and communal services (15.4 percent), hygiene and health maintenance (5.8 percent), education and culture (12.5 percent), clothing and footwear (14, 8 percent), transport (6.8 percent), and household maintenance (5.9 percent).

In the category of food, prices from three shopping centers were used for 81 items. When it comes to hygiene and maintenance of health, the costs for nine items are counted, and for housing and utility services costs for six items.


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