What are the technical Capabilities of Radar for Vehicle Speed Measurement in BiH

In order to contribute to traffic safety, radars to measure the speed of motor vehicles are used. The Ministries of the Internal Affairs explained what possibilities these devices have.

Speed not adapted to road conditions is the most common cause of accidents, which is why the number of stationary radars is increased. According to the data available on the BIHAMK website and those that can be received from the Cantonal Ministries of the Internal Affairs and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska (RS), there are 48 stationary radars in the entire country. Of that number, 38 are in the Federation, 9 in RS, and 1 in Brcko District. Canton Sarajevo (CS) has the most radars of this type – more than 10. There are 26 radar housings in Sarajevo, which means that radars can be periodically moved from one housing to another.

Among such radars are those that record the driver himself, more precisely based on the appearance of their faces, their identity can also be determined. The Ministries of Internal Affairs of Una-Sana Canton, West Herzegovina Canton, and Posavina Canton confirmed that they have such radars. The Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton stated that they could not determine the identity of the driver based on the appearance of his face with the only stationary radar.

It was emphasized from the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton that they have a radar in one of the police vehicles, which gives the officers the possibility to see the drivers clearly.

The CS Ministry of the Internal Affairs noted that the radars, besides the speed of movement, also record the passage of vehicles through a red light at a traffic light. Sarajevo police also have sensors for detecting unregistered and stolen vehicles, as well as those with foreign license plates that are used for traffic violations. In the capital, there are cameras in several locations that record various violations.

Authorities note that these radars contribute to the reduction of the number of traffic accidents, but they mentioned that traffic safety also depends on other factors, such as the correctness of the vehicle, and the condition of the roads, Klix.ba writes.


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