Wedding Band found in Makarska and returned to Owners from BiH

A picture of a wedding band found on the Adriatic Sea is circulating Facebook. Apparently, it belongs to a woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Senada Selimovic found the wedding band and immediately shared the picture of it on her Facebook wall with the caption:

“Wedding band found at the beach in Makarska. ARNEL is engraved on it, as is a date. If someone lost one, send me the date and I’ll know that it’s hers.”

Her post was then shared several thousand times, after which the owners got in touch with her.

“My wife lost her wedding band. We got in touch with her. I can confirm the date and a photograph of the matching wedding band, which I didn’t lose. We’re still in Makarska so if you’re also here, we can get together. Thanks,” wrote Arnel in a comment.

We assume the wedding band is returned to them already.

(Source: Faktor.ba)


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