Waterpolo Players of Torpedo are Getting Better and Closer to the Trophy

03Last weekend at the Olympic Pool in Otoka in Sarajevo, the Open Cup of Canton Sarajevo in waterpolo for young juniors was held. The teams that participated included: VK Orka, VK Mladost, Akademija B and VK Torpedo. In the first round, VK Mladost and VK Torpedo met. Torpedo won with a result of 15:10.

In the second round, and best match of the tournament, Akademija B and VK Torpedo met. The end result was 10:4 and Academija B won.

In the third and last round, the players of Torpedo by coach Bojan Mustur celebrated a victory against VK Orka 24:1.

11 (1)VK Torpedo is one of the carriers of waterpolo in B&H, and with a couple of other clubs, the founder of the Waterpolo Association of the FB&H and the Waterpolo Association of B&H. VK Torpedo endeavors to promote the Olympic sport with great zeal and enthusiasm. The primary goal of the club is to present Sarajevo and B&H through participation in local and international tournaments. VK Torpedo Sarajevo has over 70 members divided into four competitive categories, and a school for swimming and waterpolo led by as many as five coaches.

(Source: VK Torpedo)

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