Water Bottling Plant to be built in Brčko?

flasiranje vodeCompany MILO IZVOR from Brčko intends to build a plant for water bottling in the settlement Vujičići near Brčko.

Živan Đurić, owner of the company, owns a family estate in the urban area Vujičići and on this estate is a source of high-quality natural water, and that is where the construction of this plant is planned.

The source is around 300 meters away from the planned plant. Necessary infrastructure for delivering water from the source to the plant will be built at the location of the source, it was stated in the request for environmental permit.

Location of the source is on higher altitude than the plant, so no pumps are necessary for transporting water from the source to the plant. Administrative facility, package warehouse and finished product warehouse will be built next to the plant, as well as biomass-fueled boiler rooms.

The company intends to produce PET bottles with the capacity of 0.5, 1.5 and 5 liters.

The investor has already addressed a request for issuance of an environmental permit to the Department of Physical Planning of the Government of Brčko District BiH. After the public debate which is scheduled on September 2 this year, the direction of the project will be known.


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