Water almost Completely withdrew from Jablanica Lake


Creepy scenes can be seen these days on Lake Jablanica and with the arrival of autumn, the water area was transformed into the land. Resentment no longer prevails among the population there.

Serif Balic lives in Orahovica near Konjic for more than 50 years. He reconciled himself with the fact that they need to draw water from the artificial lake for months to produce electricity.

“I remember the withdrawing of water since 1967. The image is roughly standard. In the summer, the lake attracts tourists and swimmers. In the fall it departs as standard, at least as far as this part is concerned, from Konjic to Celebici,” Balic said.

In order to meet the needs of hydropower facilities, primarily the Jablanica Hydroelectric Power Plant, a complete discharge of the lake is expected in winter, when the water is pumped as much as possible for electricity production.

Due to the unfavorable hydrological regime, the state of the fish stock is getting worse from year to year.

In 2011, the presence of one million and 400 thousand fish individuals was established.

Current data are not available, but the current situation has long been a concern for fishermen.

“This is some fund for which we, as beneficiaries of fishing rights, were in charge. From 2011 until now, the situation has never been worse and the fish stock has been destroyed like this,” said Hrabren Kapic, president of the Assembly of the Organization of Sport Fishermen in Konjic Municipality.

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