Warm Autumn at the Prokoško Lake: Oasis of Peace Near Fojnica

141108014.4_xlThis oasis of peace and natural beauties is situated at the Vranica mountain, at 1 636 meters of altitude. The landscape of the whole lake has been a bit disturbed by a great number of weekend cottages built in the proximity.

Nevertheless it doesn’t stop many tourists and BH citizens, lovers of nature, to spend their free time here.

In the Prokoško lake there is still a unique, endemic specimen, amphibian triton.

The Anadolu Agency (AA) team visited Vranica and Prokoško lake and saw a great number of visitors enjoying in various contents this site offers: bicycling, sailing, football and of course: barbecue.

One of many visitors, Kenan Bajrić from Zenica, arrived with his friends:

“The weather is beautiful so we wanted to spend our free day at our favourite site.” – said Bajrić for AA.

(Source: Klix / photo: Anadolija)

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