War reporter found boys from war photos taken in 1994 during the siege of Sarajevo (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true” transition=”‘slide'”]Roger M. Richards (53), photographer and art director who came to Sarajevo in the war of 1992,  recorded all the horrors the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina endured throughout its four-year siege.

He is the author of the movie “Sarajevo Roses” which will be shown in 2016. The Facebook page of the same name contains published photos from the time of the siege of Sarajevo. In one of the photographs, from 1994, Richards took a photo of two boys in Dobrinja, Sarajevo.

Thanks to social networks,  the faces from the photograph were quickly identified. One of them is Ramiz Hodžić and the other Senad Zuko. Both of them live in Sarajevo.

After the identity of the boys from the war photo was revealed, Richards wrote that he was grateful that after all these years he found out that they were alive and well.

‘’I am happy that they are happy. Life sometimes gives really special moments, ’’ wrote Richards.

As Richards described in one of his statuses, minutes after these pictures were taken, he avoided a sniper’s bullet.


(Source: nap.ba)

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