War Portraits of Sarajevo Writers

portraitsMarko Vesovic, Ferida Durakovic, Ivan Lovrenovic, Karim Zaimovic, Miljenko Jergovic, Tvrtko Kulenovic, Enes Karic, Ozren Kebo, Dubravko Brigic, Ilija Ladin, Goran Simic, Alma Lazarevska etc.

That is just part of Sarajevo writers who, in the time of war insanity, found themselves in front of the lens of a favorite Sarajevo photographer Milomir Kovacevic “Strasni”, and whose portraits will be presented at the exhibition ‘Writers, war portraits’ in the gallery Zvono on Monday, the 25th of July, at 9 pm.

Milomir Kovacevic Strasni is this year’s winner of the Sixth April Award.

Kovacevic has recorded every day of the war, at any time, far from the way that reporters from around the world did it on their temporary stay in BiH during the war. Kovacevic, as he says, has never been a war photographer but a photographer in the war. The only difference is that he once photographed life in Sarajevo and during the war he photographed survival.

With the setting of war portraits of writers, Milomir Kovacevic introduces us to the world of the reality of war of those who were the bearers of spiritual resistance; people who did not lose the faith in the nobility of art even in the most difficult times. They did not lose their dignity which can be very much seen in his photographs.

Poet and Mile’s friend, Ahmed Buric, in the text that accompanies the exhibition in the gallery Zvono, has most accurately defined these series of photographs as elegance in despair, emphasizing the photographic imaginary of Milomir Strasni.

”All these people on photos – some of which are deep in thought, some carry water, some are going to visit the soldiers on the line and later eat pie with them, some posing seriously, some with a touch of humor, and some seem to be looking nowhere – we can see as part of the photographic imaginary of Milomir Kovacevic.

Because of his mastery – because who else could even attend all of these scenes and record them, but also because all the time, as the title of the novel by Mirko Kovac says, he is distancing us and from this point it is almost impossible to judge what really happened and what are our own memories,” wrote Ahmed Buric.


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