Wall that “divided” Sarajevo in Nadrealists Sketch demolished on Sunday

The famous wall that Nadrealists mentioned in their sketch, and which speaks a story of divided Sarajevo to the east and west, is demolished.

The wall that served as a scenery for a well-known sketch was located in the yard of the Catholic School Center Sarajevo. It is interesting that this wall was demolished today for the needs of building a garage.

Nadrealists made a sketch on divided Sarajevo inspired by Berlin split after the Second World War, which collapsed in 1989. However, in the 1990s some other processes were taking place in Sarajevo, the opposite of those in Berlin in 1989.

Nadrealists have foreseen some things in that sketch, such as Eastern Sarajevo.

Zenit Dozic, Nele Karajlic, Branko Duric, Boris Siber and others acted in a well-known sketch, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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