Waiting up to 2 Hours on several Border Crossings

borderThe number of vehicles at border crossings in the south at the exit from our country and in the north at the entrance to our country is significantly increased.

The longest retention time is at border crossings Trebimlja, Ivanic, Gabela, Bijaca and Doljani, and in the north on the BC Bosanska Gradiska where retentions time is between 1 and 2 hours. Retention times on the other border crossings are not longer than 30 to 40 minutes. Due to the works on the territory of Croatia, the traffic is slowed in both directions at BC Orasje – Zupanja.

“We urge drivers to check all the necessary documents before the departure, as well as the validity of all documents necessary for crossing the border,” as stated from BIHAMK.

Due to the high daily temperatures, from BIHAMK urge drivers to avoid driving on distant destinations during the day, and if still traveling, they recommend making of frequent breaks. In particular, they urge all those who use the air conditioning in the vehicle to turn it off a few minutes before the end of the trip, in order to prepare to exit the vehicle.

There are no extraordinary limitations on the highway A1, while on the highway Banja Luka – Bosanska Gradiska, the loop Mahovljani is closed due to the construction of the viaduct.

Traffic signals were set in places where the works are taking place and their compliance is mandatory. We point out main roads: M-17 Jablanica-Mostar, M-17 Buna-Tasovčići, M-17 Nemila-Topčić Polje, M-4 Banja Luka-Celinac, M-18 Priboj-Simin Han and M-4 Simin Han-Čaparde, and the main roads in the area of Prozor (M-16.2), Kladanj (M-18), Donji Vakuf (M-16) and Livno (M-6.1).


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