Vucic about Ratko Mladic’s Verdict: Enough with the Hypocrisy, we are looking forward

November 23, 2017 4:15 PM

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has advised, after the verdict of the criminal Ratko Mladic, all citizens of Serbia to start looking into the future from now on.

”We should not lower our heads, but to move to the future, to think about where and how we will live with our children, how we will preserve peace and stability in the region. How to renovate factories and create new ones. To not choke in the tears of the past, but to create better common future from the sweat, “ said Vucic.

As he said, he did not directly follow the pronouncement of the verdict for Ratko Mladic, but he assumed what it might be.

“Serbia has always respected the victims of other nations, and I am not sure that others have shown that kind of sympathy to our own victims. And that is our job, not to have the right to forget, but to have an obligation to build a different future, “ Vucic said.

The President of Serbia said that the message for the whole region is that a day is not either for joy or grief, but for imagining what we want in the future.

“I would like to tell everyone that it is not the time for opening old wounds, and I am afraid that if the Serbs started to hate everyone around them, we would go back to the past, “ Vucic said.

He also referred to the international community.

”And a message for those from around the world who give us lections, and who could not wait to admonish Serbia – stop with the hypocrisy. If you do not know how to think about the future, let us think about it, “ Vucic said.



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