Vranduk Fortress maintained thanks to Foreign Tourists and Schoolchildren

vrandukOld Town Vranduk, which was built on the cliff above the river Bosnia, is referred as the hardest part of the gate of Bosnia for centuries. The setting of Vranduk fortress, which tells about the medieval history of this region, is mostly attracting foreign tourists and students in primary and secondary schools.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Zenica-Doboj Canton is the fortress, which attracts more and more tourists every year, who are learning about the history of Vranduk and its fortress.

Vranduk is mentioned for the first time back in 1410. Old Vranduk was part of the royal country of king Osoja, Tvrtko II Tvrtković and Stjepan Tomas. According to stories, Bosnian queen Katarina Kosača visited Old Town Vranduk as well.

These kind of data and many others, including weapons, costumes and traditional Bosnian and medieval food, are attracting tourists to visit this fortress. Worker at Vranduk fortress, Nermina Begic, said that the number of foreign tourists who come to visit Vranduk is increasing.

“Most of our tourists are coming from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and they are really fascinated by the beauty and nature here. In the spring and fall, we have excursions of primary and secondary schools from all over B&H, and the biggest attractions are the bow and the arrow,” said Begic.

She added that there is a very small number of people who are coming to individual visits of Vranduk fortress, but that tourism, thanks to foreign tourists, students and our people from the diaspora, is getting better year after year.

Tourists from all around the world are leaving messages of support and gratitude for the hospitality in the guest book, wishing that tourism in our country gets better, as well as the offer.


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