Vote of No Confidence for Sarajevo Canton Government postponed

The Collegium of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly agreed to postpone the session of the SC Assembly announced for today. At this session, a vote of no confidence for the incumbent SC Government was planned.

This was proposed by the member of the Assembly of CS and member of the Board Elmedin Konakovic, before the adoption of the agenda of today’s session of the Collegium.

At this session, the deputies will adopt the agenda at the beginning of the session, and within it, as announced today, the resignation of the Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Mario Nenadic and the Chairman of the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton Mirza Celik will be discussed.

At the same session, the appointment of a new chairman of this cantonal legislature is also planned.

“I have just signed my resignation, so as not to interfere in the adoption of acts, so as not to hamper the processes,” said Celik after the session, and wished the new chairman successful work.

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