Volunteers planted thousands of Tree Seedlings!

161022053-5_mnA major volunteering action of tree planting „Let’s Do It – a million seedlings in a day“ was implemented throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina yesterday.

Organizers of the action are the Civil Association Ruke Sarajevo and the Civil Association Mozaik prijateljstva Banja Luka.

Great support for this action was provided by the enterprises that manage woods, by providing seedlings, tools, expert monitoring, and planting locations.

As in the previous actions, special partner of the Let’s Do It project is the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which largely contributed to the successful implementation of the project in all three stages: cleaning, education and forestation, in terms of logistics and concrete volunteer work.

Despite the rough weather conditions for tree planting, the action was implemented immaculately. While socializing in a good atmosphere, volunteers planted tens of thousands of different tree sorts throughout BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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