“Volkswagen AG“ to open a Factory in Gorazde?

GorazdeFactory of the famous company from Germany, Volkswagen AG, that is dealing with the production for purposes of the auto industry, could be opened soon in Gorazde.

Minister of the Economy of Bosna-Podrinje Canton, Esed Raeljas, confirmed tha negotiations are in progress, nut that the public will be informed after they reach an agreement.

Otherwise, German investor is reportedly very satisfied with offered conditions.

“We are negotiating constantly, not just with this company, but also with other companies that are interested in investment, because it is in the field of interest of our citizens. However, as serious partners, we respect the request of potential investors who do not want to talk about that during the negotiations“, said Radeljas.

According to unofficial information, this company will educate workers in German city Wolfsburg, until it build up its own factory.

“We hope that we will soon make an agreement and find appropriate location for building of the factory, and employ new workers soon“, said Minister.


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