Vogošća: 122 Employees in the New Industrial Zone

vogoscaThe new industrial zone in Vogošća became a new big construction site in the area of Sarajevo.

The facilities companies Mitex, Granoff, bakery industry and fruit processing plants are in their final stages, and around them other companies are emerging that have announced construction.

In addition to the current 122 employees, it is expected that in the next few years several hundred people would become employed in this zone.

Since 2006, when investors in the new industrial zone were given the first location, municipality Vogošća until now, together with the development agency ‘Serda’, invested more than six million BAM in the infrastructure of this locality, which has an area of 13,5 hectares.

Of the 29 awarded locations, some facilities have been put into operation starting in 2008, such as Praktik, Bellissima and Procedo.


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