Vlasic is still Top Winter Destination in Central Bosnia

Vlasic is still the most popular winter tourist destination in Central Bosnia, and besides guests from BiH, most of the overnight stays have been realized by guests from Croatia, Turkey and Slovenia, according to the Director of the Tourist Board of CBC, Miroslav Matosevic.

Matosevic also said that Vlasic recorded an increase in the number of visits by 16.32 % and the number of overnight stays by 23.16 %, in the period from January 1 to mid-February, in comparison to the same period last year.

“These indicators are not entirely true because they only refer to the data of those who inform the Tourist Board about their accommodation services. The largest number of visits and overnight stays is not recorded, especially in private facilities such as apartments and cottages,” said Matosevic.

He added that there were problems with weather conditions on Vlasic as well, i.e. higher temperatures during the school holiday, which negatively affected the expected number of visits.

“Hotels and accommodation facilities that have developed a system of management, promotion and good image, did not have some major cancellations and they worked very well during this period. A somewhat bigger problem had facilities that mainly fill their capacities on the basis of increased demand and direct sales. This especially refers to the provision of accommodation services in smaller hotels and weekend cottages,” said the Director of the Tourist Board of the CBC.

Regarding the other six ski centers that are located on the territory of the CBC, some of them also had problems with the lack of snow in the past period, and they could not work during the entire season.

“Ski resorts Brusnica, Busovaca Mountain and Pridolci had sufficient quantities of snow, and they were opened and functioning most of the time. Mountains in the western part of Central Bosnia, Radusa and Ranca had some problems regarding the snow, while the ski center Rostovo, thanks to the system of artificial snowing, recorded a large number of visitors. However, due to the large number of days with high temperatures, this ski center experienced some negative consequences because it was not able to work throughout the entire season,” added Matosevic.


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