From Vlasic to Busovacka Mountain – Majority of Winter Centers in Central BiH

The promotion of the winter tourist season and seven ski centers that are located in the Central Bosnia Canton is in the focus of the Tourist Board’s offer of the CBC at the Sarajevo Festival of Tourism, which started on October 19, and ended yesterday.

“The Belgrade Fair of Tourism, which will be held in February next year, will be the first opportunity for a joint tourism promotion at one stand and our goal is to present BiH in the best way possible,” said the Director of Tourist Board of the CBC, Miroslav Matosevic.

At the fair stand of the CBC at the Sarajevo Festival of Tourism were also representatives of the Foundation “Kairos” from Busovaca, which was established back in 2007 with the aim of promoting tourism and the promotion of the principles of sustainable development and ecology.

President of the foundation, Zeljko Grubesic, said that ski centers in Pridolci and Busovacka Mountain were presented to visitors, which together with the other ski centers in the Central Bosnia Canton ( Vlasic, Radus, Rostovo, Brusnica, and Ran) is visited by an increasing number of guests from both BiH and the region.

“Busovaca is a quite small center, but we have beautiful nature and two ski centers, which are ideal for beginners, families, and everyone into winter sports. We can offer activities such as hunting and fishing to our guests, as well as a very good gastronomic offer, and very nice hosts,” stated Grubesic.

The Sarajevo Tourism Festival gathered 75 exhibitors from BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Indonesia and India, and within the festival were held the 39th International Fair of Tourism and Tourism Stock Exchange, and the 6th International Fair of Hotels and Catering Equipment.


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