Vitez University at World Competition in Troubleshooting Case Studies in Belgrade

A team from the University of Vitez qualified for the world competition in troubleshooting case studies in business practices at the Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2013 (BBICC), which will be held in Belgrade from 2-7 April 2013.

The highlight of all their efforts and insistence on excellence of students in teaching and extracurricular activities is manifested in the form of an official invite from the organizers of the Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2013 and the University of Belgrade and Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON), who are the official champions in solving case studies.

In the last three years the team from Vitez University won many first, second and third prizes at regional competitions in solving case studies, and this brought the University on the list of international universities that deal with this type of economic practice. Members of this team are made up of members of ANSE (Association of Advanced Students), where their efforts represent the pride of higher educational systems and are led by their mentor Dr. Sc. Edin Arnaut.

Representatives of eminent universities throughout the world will arrive at the beginning of April in Belgrade where they will demonstrate their knowledge in solving case studies.

Participants in the competition will represent universities from Serbia, BiH, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand.

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