Viskovic: Thirty Percent of Republika Srpska Residents are vaccinated

The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Viskovic, stated that he was not satisfied with the number of vaccinated citizens in the Republika Srpska, and called on people to be vaccinated. As he said, about 30 were vaccinated, and he expected that percentage to be around 70.

Viskovic pointed out that the epidemiological situation in Republika Srpska is not yet alarming, but that the number of infected is increasing.

He told “Politika” that 30 percent of the citizens have been vaccinated in the entity, with a few percent more, if those vaccinated in Serbia are added, which is too little.

“I am not satisfied, because I expected that we would have about 70 percent of vaccinated citizens in Serbia and Republika Srpska. I ask people not to fall for stories from any portals, listen to the profession and get vaccinated while the epidemiological situation is favorable, although I have to accept the position if that someone doesn’t want to, “Viskovic said.

In the invitation to the citizens to get vaccinated, he pointed out the possibility to do it for free and voluntarily, and noted that, apart from vaccination, there is no other way to return to the condition before the coronavirus.

“We have enough vaccines. It is inexplicable that there are still a large number of people who avoid vaccines. They should be vaccinated for themselves and their families,” Viskovic said.
He added that research in the world shows, and the profession claims, that more than 95 percent of newly infected people have not been vaccinated, which coincides with the situation in Republika Srpska, Klix.ba writes.

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