Viskovic: Increase of Salaries in Republika Srpska soon

The Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Viskovic, announced that talks on increasing salaries in RS would begin after the holidays, and everything should be completed by July 1. 

“Negotiations are underway between line ministries and unions. “What they agree on will be sent to the Government, after which we will change the legal solutions according to the urgent procedure,” said Viskovic. 

Viskovic emphasized that all that should be completed by July 1, so that the June salaries would be increased. “We have our own calculations, which means what percentage increase, but it would not be correct to talk about that data now. I will only say that our first priority is health workers, and then workers from the domain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Education and so on, “Viskovic mentioned. 

When it comes to increasing the minimum wage in RS, Viskovic said that it does not depend only on the Government, but that it is a matter of the Economic and Social Council, which consists of the Union of Employers’ Associations and the Federation of Trade Unions. 

“The government is here to arbitrate if they cannot agree. We will provide an opportunity for their talks, everything they agree on for the Government will be acceptable “, said Viskovic and added that the lowest salary in Republika Srpska does not lag behind the salaries in the region. 

When it comes to the increase of salaries in the real sector, Viskovic reminded that RS has the Law on Incentives, which has been in force since July 2019. 

“Almost 100,000 workers and a significant number of employers have used this law. We returned more than 40 million BAM as an incentive to increase salaries. All those who want to increase the salaries of their workers can with the help of that legal solution “, said Viskovic.

He pointed out that RS had an increase in the number of employees in the crown year,and not a loss of jobs. “We had 1,890 more workers last year than in 2019. 

“From March 10 last year until today, 2,618 workers have been employed in Republika Srpska more than they lost their jobs,” Viskovic said, Srna news agency writes.

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