Visit the Cherry Fair and support the Domestic Production

cherry fair mostarFor the first time, women, victims of violence, who acquired an economic independence after staying in the Safe House, will exhibit their products at the International Cherry Fair, that starts on Wednesday, 27th May, in Mostar.

Two women who started their own business within the project of the Association INFOHOUSE “Say NO to the violence, say YES to the economic independence“, will exhibit and sell juices, jams, pralines and various handcrafts such as jewelry.

This is the first time for these women to be able to live independently and sustain themselves and their children  through their own business.

The Cherry Fair will be held in Bijelo polje near Mostar in hangars near Sarajevo brewery, where products of these women will be exhibited as well.

Support to the project

The project “Say NO to the violence, say YES to the economic independence“ is supported by the US Embassy in B&H and Sparkasse Foundation from Vienna, while partners of the project are organizations Medica, Foundation of the local democracy and the Association of BH women. The project includes work on the emancipation of 13 women, victims of violence from Safe Houses in Mostar, Sarajevo and Zenica, who succeeded to launch their small businesses and provide an existence, with the financial support of 1.900 BAM to each.


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