Visit of BiH Chief of Joint Staff to EUFOR Headquarters

On Monday 3rdDecember 2018, the Chief of the Joint Staff for Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH), Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Senad Masovic, visited Camp Butmir to meet COMEUFOR and senior staff.

Lt Gen Masovic was greeted by COMEUFOR, Major General (Maj Gen) Martin Dorfer, after which he was invited to inspect the Honour Guard.

After greeting EUFOR department chiefs, he continued his visit with Maj Gen Dorfer during an office call.

A Presentation was given to Lt Gen Masovic by EUFOR staff regarding the new Liaison Officer (LNO) structure and the tasks of the LNOs. Further topics were the ongoing assistance to AFBiH in the areas of military training and demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the importance of registering and marking of weapons.

Further discussions followed, including the investment programme of AFBiH and how this will help future military planning.

Lt Gen Masovic thanked COMEUFOR and his staff for their support and added that he is looking forward to strengthening cooperation.

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