Visit to IPI Academy by Aleksandar Mastilovic

BH futures foundationAs part of a series of lectures I have given in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I also visited IPI Akademija (IPI Academy) in Tuzla, where I was welcomed into a very enthusiastic atmosphere.

The vision of the “International Business and Informational Academy” is to be the first choice for Bosnian-Herzegovinian students seeking tertiary education in the field of modern business, information technology and marketing communications.  The IPI Academy hope that through continuous improvement in all areas of its activities, including infrastructure, training of staff , strengthen links with industry and international activities, they will achieve their vision.

They also state that, “[attaining] the vision will be possible through the realization of study programs to the process of their continued alignment with current global trends in the areas of modern business, information technology and marketing communications, following the trends and requirements of domestic and international labor markets.”

The Academy strongly believes that it is important to take into account the needs of individuals, the labor market, but also society as a whole, with constantly taking into account the recognition of innovation, creativity and the promotion of excellence at all levels. Following on from their strong will to give their students accessibility to leading field experts, Aleksandar Mastilovic was invited to give a speech at the Academy on “Innovation: More than R&D“ and “Internet of Things – New Technological Era“ in order to inspire young people who study at the institute, with hopes of opening their mind to innovative and creative ideas.

“The biggest challenge is to encourage students to accept new approaches and ideas after years of education in closed and very directed system of thinking”, says Mr. Mastilovic.  Fortunately at the end of his lecture, many of the students approached Mr. Mastilovic to state that they have been inspired to push for positive change in their fields of study.

As the last highlight of an already successful day, an IEEE Student Branch was established. The IEEE Student Branch will aim to act as an efficient interface for future international and intercultural cooperation with students. “This was only the first step. We hope to meet each other with visible follow-up results and actions in near future”, concludes Mr. Mastilovic.

Students looking for more information about IPI can visit: ipi-akademija.ba



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