Višegrad – Starts with the Works at the Bridge Mehmed Paše Sokolović

mostIn Višegrad the preparations for the continuation of Mehmed Paše Sokolović  Bridge reconstruction is being completed. 

According to the announcement of the Municipality Višegrad, tomorrow due to the start of work will close the road traffic, from the traffic light at the M5  on the left side of Drina until the steps of the raft.

The restoration of Mehmed Paše Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad will be implemented on the basis of the contract between the Turkish Agency for International Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) and the Turkish construction company ER-BU.

At a recent meeting it was agreed that Hydroelectric Bajna Bašta to lower the lake level in order to continue further works on Višegrad’s bridge.

The plan is to empty the artificial lake hydroelectric power HE Bajna Bašta downstream of Višegrad from 26th to 30th August, and also the level of Drina, in order to carry out the works.

So far, around bridge on the Drina are done the preparatory works in order to start with the reconstruction of the bridge foundations.

According to previous announcements, the works on Višegrad’s bridge will last 600 days and their value is almost ten million KM and is financed by the Government of Turkey.

(Source: Fena)


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