Virtual Jump from Old Bridge in Mostar awarded in Vienna (VIDEO)

A group of researchers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo created a simulation of the jump from the Old Bridge in Mostar with the technique of virtual reality (VR).

The author of the simulation is Selma Rizvic, a professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, said the idea was created in the Sarajevo Graphics Group laboratory, where virtual animation of the cultural heritage is being done.

“The crown of our work is a virtual jump from the Old Bridge, one of our student started a jump, then we’ve added stories about bridge and a quiz to check the knowledge learned earlier. Only when the user learns it, he can jump from the bridge” , said professor Rizvic.

Within the application there is also an interview with the great champion of the Mostar jumps Lorens Listo.

“This product already helps in the tourist promotion of Mostar and our country. We have already received some awards,” concluded Selma Rizvic, news portal reports.


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