Violeta Bulc: EU ready to allocate 600 million euros for Traffic Projects in BiH

The European Union (EU) is ready to allocate 600 million euros for traffic projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said on the press conference here on Friday.

During the meeting with BiH Chairman of Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic, Bulc pointed out that the absorption of the EU valuable funds for traffic projects is currently the core question in BiH. She pointed out on the important project of corridor VC in BiH, the most important highway that will later on bring boost in country’s economy.

“BiH is a very good corridor from Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea and beyond to Montenegro and Greece and further on to the Mediterranean,” Bulc explained at the press conference here on Friday.

Bulc highlighted that they discussed the priority projects on corridor VC and issues that needs to be resolved with BiH neighbours, specifically with Croatia. They agreed on meeting of Croatian ministers with their BiH counterparts and EU officials to operationalize the issues and engage in projects realization.

For his part, Zvizdic noted that traffic represents one of the most important spheres of cooperation between the EU and Western Balkans and highlighted that linking has a great significance in strengthening the stability and progress of the region.

Zvizdic and Bulc also discussed the use of railways as the most environmentally acceptable and safe means of transport. Speaking about the road safety and reduction in number of people killed, Zvizdic added that positive aspects of BiH Traffic Safety Road Law is already evident.

Sarajevo Times

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