Vinmetal“ from Zepce produced 80 Tons of Steel for Sweden

Steel productionVinmetal d.o.o. Zepce is the company whose activities are production of chairs and tables intended for furnishing objects, as well as representing foreign manufacturers with which it jointly offers the highest quality resolutions in interior and exterior arrangements of different types of object such as: hotels, restaurants, cafe bars, bistros, discos, offices, banks, libraries, hospitals, schools, airports, cinema and theater halls, sport objects etc.

The company is established in 2001 as a craft shop, but is registered as d.o.o. in 2005 already because of the need for export.

Director of the company Vinmetal, Marinko Katava, emphasizes that 80% of the production is exported to Austria, Germany, Sweden and Croatia.

So, the construction of the hall in Sweden, for which Vinmetal company provides steel construction, is currently in progress.

“Value of this job is 100.000 euros, and when it comes to the production capacity, the best example is hall that is already finished and for which we produced 80 tons of steel for one month“, emphasized Katava.

Otherwise, they have eight employees, provided that depending on the amount and deadline of jobs, they often employ additional labor.

They are generally satisfied with the business since all realized jobs were realized according to scheduled plans.

“When it comes to plans for this year, of course, there is an extension of the production part, employment of new workers along with inevitable purchase of new machines in order to speed up the process of production, but also to facilitate the process itself to workers“, added Katava.

Besides that, they are intensive working at obtaining the ISO standard which will, as they believe, open additional foreign markets for them.

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