Victims of the War: Celebration of January 9 is unacceptable!

day-of-rsJanuary 9 should not be celebrated as the Day of Republika Srpska since on that day in 1992 an idea was born that led to the genocide and mass crimes committed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated the representatives of many associations that gather the surviving victims of the aggression on BiH.

Murat Tahirović, President of the Association of the Victims and Witnesses of Genocide, said that today’s celebration is unacceptable for all victims.

Together with other BiH organizations and institutions, Tahirović organized a press conference at which they condemned the marking of the Day of RS.

Marking of January 9 as the Day of RS is also condemned by Munira Subašić, President of the Association Movement of the Mothers of the Enclaves Srebrenica and Žepa.

“On that January 9, 1992, a decision was made that I will no longer have a son, a husband, that thousands of our children will be gone, that other mothers and I will bury one or two bones of our children, that we are persecuted, that we lose our homes. On that day in 1992 we lost all the rights, power, and strength. I think that January 9, the day when the decision was reached to establish the RS, must not and should not be celebrated,” said Subašić.

Jasmin Mešković, President of the Federation of Camp Inmates in BiH, said that January 9 should be marked in the entire BiH but as a day when citizens of BiH started being systematically tortured.

Kada Hotić from the Association of the Mothers of the enclaves Srebrenica and Žepa also strongly condemns the celebration of the Day of RS. She says that those who celebrate January 9 and those who do not condemn it should be ashamed.

January 9 is being marked as the Day of RS today, although the Constitutional Court of BiH declared this celebration and this holiday unconstitutional.

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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