Vice-President of the FB&H Presentation Donation to International Forum of Solidarity

keboThe Vice-President of the FB&H Mirsad Kebo visited the International Forum of Solidarity (EMMAUS) in Klokotnica near Doboj and awarded a cash donation to this center. This is otherwise a regular visit to the Center that offers medical and other types of services to people from B&H who suffer from difficult mental and physical illnesses.

Vice-President Kebo called on entity and state institutions to help this center because, as he said, it takes care of those who are suffering and neglected from across the country and think that the institution has to develop program for assistance to such institutions, which is the practice in all humane and democratic societies in Europe and in the world.

Vice-President Kebo recalled that ever person, society and nation could live, express and realize through exchanging and sharing in an equally dignified way, which is the vision of the Center.

(Source: Avaz)

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