Vice-President of Federation of BiH met with Prince Abdul Aziz

Vice-President of Federation of BiH Melika Mahmuttbegovic held a meeting with a member of the United Arab Emirates family “Ajman” Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al-Nuaimi, the government’s environmental advisor.

Prince Abdul Aziz is an international ambassador for social responsibility and a second Arab ambassador to the World Organization for the Protection of the Earth and the spread of peace among peoples. He is also known as the “Green Sheikh of the World” because of his commitment to protect and preserve the human environment.

Mahmutbegovic informed Abdul Aziz that BiH has become part of the largest volunteer campaign in the world, called “Ramadan Aman”, which is of an international character and is being realized in eight countries of the world over the past two years.

As part of this campaign, 1.5 million gift packs were given to motorcycle drivers with an accent on “Traffic Safety” and as an expression of the desire to promote nobleness, communion and universal human values.

Mahmutbegovic has strongly supported this campaign, thanked for the important visit of the royal family of “Ajman”, as well as everything that has been done so far in the field of investing and strengthening of business cooperation between two friendly states based on the visionary view of the United Arab Emirates.


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