Vice-President of FB&H Gave Financial Assistance to B&H National Museum

1000604_712041848824908_1448428124_nVice-President of the FB&H Mirsad Kebo, after a discussion with representatives of relevant institutions, launched an initiative to help and maintain the national museum in Sarajevo, as an important cultural site in B&H.

On this occasion today, he visited the National Museum and the Director of the Museum Adnan Busuladžić, and gave him financial assistance worth 10.000 BAM and said that these funds should be spent during his mandate as Director, in accordance with the law and based on needs.

Vice-President Kebo said that the Museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions and a symbol of the city of Sarajevo and B&H and called on the relevant ministries to allocate money for this institution from their budgets for next year.

(Source: Fena)


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