Veterinarian from the UK Is Helping Teams in Sarajevo

Stray_dogsThe President of the “Royal College of Vet Surgeonsa” from Great Britain Jacques Molyneux recently joined the team at the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo in order to help the mass sterilization and castration of dogs.

Molyneux said that it is her first time in Sarajevo and that our city is more beautiful than she had expected, but also noticed that there is a huge problem with stray dogs.

“The mass killing of dogs is not a solution, so a law on the protection and well-being of dogs has to be implemented as soon as possible and in this way overcome the problems. A permanent solution is not the killing of dogs. Sterilization and castration is the way towards establishing full control’’, she said.

According to expert estimates, there are more than 11.000 dogs on Sarajevo streets, and the action led by the British organization “Dogs Trust BH” will improve the situation.

“This is not the only way to solve big problems, but it is the best and most efficient so that in about 7 years Sarajevo would have a fully different picture’’, said Molyneux.

The manager of the British organization for the protection of animals “Dogs Trust BH” Anel Bećirović said that the project will be more successful than planned, and from yesterday around 2.200 dogs have been sterilized.

According to the assessments of veterinarians, if a dog is aggressive, if it bites someone even once, it should be put to sleep.

“There is no need to change existing laws and propose new, more expensive items, since the law is supposed to be implemented as it is now. Euthanasia is proposed for street dogs that are old, for those with amputated limbs and for those who have an infectious disease’’, said Bećirović.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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