Venezuelan Artist: Postcards from Sarajevo-Notes on PTSD

nayariNayari Castillo is a multiple award-winning artist from Venezuela, whose latest work is dedicated to Sarajevo.

Her exhibition Postcards from Sarajevo-Notes on PTSD will open tonight at 20:00 in Gallery Evergreen and will last until 4 October.

Through four installations that deal with young people, the taste of food, the sky and the Olympics, Nayar Castillo presents how she experienced her stay in Sarajevo. The installation is composed of photographs, video and audio, texts and various items collected from the city and the surrounding mountains, and each tell a story that reflect the individual, emotional state of the artist.

After Caracas, Houston, Plymouth, Berlin and Weimar, she went to live in Graz. She spent the last two months as an artist in residence in Public Room Sarajevo.



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