Vehicle confiscated from a Person with 56 Thousand BAM unpaid Fines


Police officers of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the Central Bosnia Canton (SBK), in addition to the activities they are carrying out in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, say that they are continuously implementing intensified measures and actions aimed at improving traffic safety, according to Radio Sarajevo news portal.

Among other things, the goal of these measures and actions is to reduce the number of traffic violations, which traffic participants commit on various grounds. One of these activities is the control of drivers who are multiple returnees in committing traffic violations, the amount of unpaid fines is determined by inspecting the ROF database.In such cases, vehicles are confiscated as a means of committing the offense, to prevent such drivers from further committing the offense.

Acting on the above issues, the police officers of Police Station Travnik during the past day, in Nova Bila, checked the driver P.S. born in 1992 from Trnovo, who drove an Audi Q7 off-road vehicle. On that occasion, it was determined that he was a multiple returnee in committing traffic violations, for which he has unpaid fines in the amount of as much as 55,095.60 BAM, due to which the said vehicle was confiscated.



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