Vegafruit exports to the foreign Market again!

vegafruitAfter stopping the production, AS GROUP took over the distribution of Vegafruit products, invested in re-launching of the production, and saved workplaces. Now it is important that retail chains in BiH and domestic consumers support them.

The BiH manufacturer of fruits and vegetables Swity Ltd, owner of the famous Vegafruit brands, started exporting its Swity juices, Fruby jams, and Vegy pasteurized vegetables again. By exporting to the markets of the USA, Germany, Denmark, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland, a share of 20 percent was achieved in total sales in the first year of return on the foreign market.

“We managed to reopen the demanding foreign markets to our jams, juices and pasteurized vegetables. We need support from domestic traders and consumers because our production currently enables 70 workers and a couple thousand subcontractors to provide for their families. This year we purchased around 4.000 tons of fruits and vegetables. We paid for all of that, and we almost have no liabilities towards our suppliers, and we are proud of that,” said Haris Salihbašić, Director of Swity Ltd.

This is a major success and first step in the future development of Vegafruit, whose production was completely stopped last year and workplaces were brought into question.

The entire production process is conducted according to original, domestic recipes. Exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables are used in the production process of controlled quality. All juices are free of preservatives and sweeteners because the majority of sweeteners that can be found in juices placed on our market is not adequate for nutrition and some of them are even banned in the EU.


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