”Vanja the Frog” made a jazz cover of the song ”Verujem, ne verujem”

The Banja Luka pop-rock band ”Vanja the Frog” decided to make a new video for their jazz cover of the popular song ”Verujem, ne verujem” by Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga.  The members of the band are also finalizing the preparations for a music video of their new authorial song ”Ljubav i planovi” that was recorder together with the aforementioned jazz cover.

“Vanja the Frog” band is one of the most successful bands from Banja Luka, with more than 100 performances around B&H. All members are working very hard to record their first album, and this new music video is here just to facilitate the long wait for all ”Vanja the Frog” fans. This band will perform at the Open Air New Year celebration in Banja Luka. All interested in seeing them live should spend the last night in 2012 at this celebration.


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