Vanja Ćerimagić from Tuzla can compete with the most attractive Women in the World

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Vanja Ćerimagić is a model and fitness coach and her look is close to perfection. She was born on November 15, 1991 in Tuzla and moved to Belgrade as a little girl. She still lives there.

Vanja also lived in Canada for ten years and she spent the last 15 years living in Belgrade. She finished High Dental School and College of Vocational Studies, and then graduated from the Sports Academy. She works as a personal trainer and a fitness model and her hobby is painting on canvas.

She started dealing with fitness recreationally five years ago. Since she is in the world of modeling, one of the requests of the job is to be in shape. After she noticed the results, she could not stop and she wanted more, so she started training professionally.

Vanja started with cardio, as the majority of women in the gym do, and now she already lifts 100 kilograms from crouch and 50 kilograms from bench. To all the ladies who leave workout for the day which never comes, she says that mirror is a great motivation.

In the near future Vanja intends to compete in the bikini fitness category, where femininity is valued the most.

She recommends healthy diet rich in proteins and with lots of vegetables.


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