Vandals demolished Temple near Kupres

During the Easter holidays, vandals broke glasses in the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Temple in the village of Donja Vukovko in Kupres in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and devastated the interior of the church that was built in 1863 and proclaimed a national monument.

The priest of this church, Marko Duric, stated that the vandals overturned the furniture and everything that was in the temple.

The Inter-religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina has strongly condemned demolishment of the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Donji Vukovski near Kupres.

“We are appalled by this inhumane act and we express our solidarity with the clergy and believers of the parish of Blagaj, the Metropolitan of Dabar-Bosna of the Serbian Orthodox Church. We call on all the competent institutions to approach the resolving of the cases of hate crimes thoroughly and seriously.”

(Photo: radiosarajevo)

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