Value of Export to Russia to reach 100 million BAM?

August 9, 2018 10:00 AM

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, and representatives of the Administration for the protection of health of plants BiH talked with registered exporters of fruit and vegetables to the Russian Federation.

After Russian Federation abolished the ban on import of apples from BiH last month, Sarovic noted that all procedures have to be respected in order to keep that market.

He also noted that we cannot repeat the bad experience when the export was stopped for six months due to irresponsible individuals.

Sarovic also confirmed that a total of 400 tons of various types of apples were already shipped to the market of Russia from the RS, and that total value of export to Russia will reach the amount of 100 million BAM.

Fruit producers asked for simplification of fruit export procedures to Russia at this meeting.

President of the Association of fruit producers of the RS, Dragoja Dojcinovic, noted the value of export to that country, especially since they had a record production of apples, plums and pears this year.

Fruit producers also noted that they are waiting for the certificate from the Foreign Trade Chamber for around three days, which creates additional expenses. The aforementioned certificate is required for export.

They also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RS and Inspectorate did not attend the meeting, since problems that are following export to Russia cannot be solved without all relevant institutions.



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