Valuable Prehistoric Archaeological Site found near Ljubuski

13140887_1768120423424634_73181267_nDepartment of Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Mostar conducted systematic archaeological research of the Neolithic site “Velike stine” near Ljubuski in April.

There were three known Neolithic sites in the area of western Herzegovina so far, this is the fourth, and probably there will be more as the research gets intensified, and the knowledge of the prehistoric period will be more whole and complete, as announced from the Department of Archaeology.

Preliminary analysis of discovered archaeological material showed that the site is dating from about 5500 years BC. It is a Neolithic site of colonial type, which has not been known in the scientific literature and which fills a gap that exists in the spatial dispersion and distribution of Neolithic sites in the area of western Herzegovina.

At the mentioned site were found traces of settlements in the open, in the form of settlements with preserved stone flooring and holes for pillars (the only traces of Neolithic settlements in Herzegovina), and numerous movable archaeological material, such as fragments of pottery, axes made of polished stone, stone balls and grindstones, blades made of obsidian and flint and fragments of cult vessels called rhyton.

After proper and thorough analysis and publication, these valuable archaeological material will find its place in the Museum of the Franciscan monastery in Humac.

Studies have been conducted under the guidance of prof. dr. sc. Brunislav Marijanovic and the rest of the expert team was consisted of doc. dr. sc. Dario Vujevic, Nina Culjak, Tino Tomas and Mirko Rasic, as announced from the Department of Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Mostar.

(Source: klix.ba)

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