Valuable Investment: Bosnian Woman and American Businessman launched modern Dairy in Gorazde

dairyDairy “Milgor” was recently opened in Gorazde. New owner of the dairy, “Gillani International”, whose founders are Leila Hrelja from Gorazde and Sayed Kamal, businessman from the United States who originates from Pakistan, managed to launch a dairy after eight years.

“At the moment we are in the phase of general services of milk processing machinery, general cleaning and disinfection, minor repairs and enabling the space, considering that the dairy was closed since 2007. After these general services, test production of dairy products will take place, as well as chemical and microbiological analysis of milk and dairy products, design of the packaging and organization of work in general,” said the executive director of “Gillani International,” Leila Hrelja.

She said that they have signed cooperation agreements with many distributors from Gorazde in the previous and this year, and they are currently negotiating with distributors for the whole B&H, as well as for export of their products to the European Union, the Middle East and the United States.

“When we talk about exports, we are mostly talking about the Gouda cheese with the original Dutch recipe. We are the only dairy in the country that will produce Gouda cheese,” said Hrelja.

Restart of production in this dairy made farmers in this area very happy.

“We are currently in the phase of negotiations with farmers from throughout the region (Gorazde, Foca, Rogatica, Cajnice, Rudo, Srebrenica) and moreover, we are planning to establish our own farm with 100 dairy cows,” said Leila Hrelja.

The products that will be on the market with a sign of Milgor soon are fresh pasteurized milk, yogurt, fresh cheese, gouda cheese, sour cream and whey. They are also planning to introduce new product lines, such as fruit yogurt, smoked gouda, etc.

Leila said that they are filling vacant jobs places now and that they expect to receive 12 to 15 workers in the initial phase of work, and their goal is to expand capacities and to increase the number of workers.


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