“Valter defends Sarajevo” at the Festival in Luxembourg

valterWithin the sixth CineEast Festival in Luxembourg Film Center Sarajevo on 17th October will present the premiere of improved and digitized version of “Valter defends Sarajevo”, directed by Hajrudin Šiba Krvavc.

“Valter defends Sarajevo” is recorded in 1972. One of the most popular films produced by film Bosna from Sarajevo. This movie gained huge popularity in China, where it became a cult film and the character from the movie Valter became the favorite movie hero.

Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac is one of the most significant names in the history of Bosnian cinematography. His style is characterized by imagination, courage and simplicity, and his film aesthetic, even today is a role model for many young directors in B&H cinema. The Sarajevo Film Center has restored and digitized films of Hajrudin Šiba Krvavc. Apart from the film ‘Valter defends Sarajevo’, were restored even movies such as ‘Diverzanti’, ‘Most’ and ‘Partizanska eskadrila’.


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