Vaccination of Migrants currently staying in BiH began

As of today, the Service for Foreigners Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Health of Una-Sana Canton (USC), the Cantonal Institute for Public Health and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) are conducting a coronavirus vaccination process in the temporary migrant settlement “Lipa”.

This continues the immunization of users of reception center services in this part of the country, considering that migrants and refugees were vaccinated in the previous days in the temporary centers “Borici” and “Miral”.

It was also announced that in the coming period, additional work will be done on education and protection of migrants from coronavirus.

Zoran Galic, the director of the Border Police (BP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) told that members of this police agency have deterred more than 2.000 migrants from trying to cross the BiH border illegally since the beginning of this year, especially after the weather conditions improved when the greatest pressure arose.

Galic talked with the head of the Field Office West Bosansko Grahovo, Viktorija Damjanovic, and the commander of the Gorica BP Unit, Ivica Sabljo, about the current situation in the area of that field office and illegal migration, which, as it was pointed out, is becoming more frequent.

The participants in the meeting discussed the current situation and measures taken by members of the units of the Field Office West, with an emphasis on the lack of staff, which is one of the biggest problems, especially in this part of the border, the BiH BP announced.

Galic emphasized that the state of illegal migration is continuously being monitored and all agreed measures are taken in order to maximally protect the BiH border, which is exposed to pressure, apart from the eastern territory, also in the area of the West Field Office, in Izacic and Strmica units.

“Members of the BiH BP act in accordance with the law and invest all human efforts in the protection of the border. Unfortunately, the lack of capacity of the BP represents a big issue and the level of BiH must react to make joint efforts in order to reduce illegal crossings, ie entry into BiH. It would reduce the number of migrants in the area that carries the greatest burden of the migrant crisis, especially in the Una-Sana Canton (USC), ” Galic stated.

He noted that the results of the work of the BiH BP and operational actions show that this police agency is maximally engaged in the fight against all forms of crime, including smuggling of people, drugs, and cigarettes, and at the same time they conduct daily deterrence and fight against illegal migration.

It was concluded at the meeting that maximum protection of the eastern part of the border and taking all agreed measures and activities to prevent illegal border crossings in BiH would lead to a smaller number of migrants in the area of the Field Office West.


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