USAID supports the Development of marginalized Women’s Businesses with 400,000 BAM


USAID’s Marginalized Groups Support Program and nine BiH local government units have formed a joint fund to support the development of marginalized women’s businesses. The total value of the fund is around 420,000 BAM, in which USAID and local communities participate equally.

The Fund’s support is intended for the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as rural households of women victims of violence, single mothers, unemployed young women under 35, women with disabilities or children with disabilities, and other marginalized women, contributing competitiveness of local economies and creation of employment opportunities for these categories.

Founded in early 2017, the fund has so far supported more than 140 women’s businesses in 18 local communities totaling around KM 1.220,000.

USAID Director for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nancy J. Eslick said they continue efforts to provide economic opportunities for women, especially marginalized women.

“Women often have great job ideas, they can rarely realize them due to lack of resources or other constraints. USAID is cooperating with nine local communities to establish the third cycle of our fund to help marginalized women develop entrepreneurship. By pooling funds from these local communities in BiH, we will set up a fund worth nearly 500,000 KM to help dozens of women start their own businesses,” she said.

She added that after the completion of the third cycle, USAID will provide support to more than 200 women in 27 communities in BiH.

A fund to support the development of marginalized groups of women will be available in nine communities (Bratunac, Čapljina, Gračanica, Jajce, Milići, Modriča, Osmaci, Srebrenik, Vlasenica).

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