USAID Declared Winners of Contest for Best Children’s Story

usaid 1The US Agency for International Development (USAID) named the winners of its contest for best children’s story.

The winners were students from four elementary schools- Indira Rudić and Haruna Bandić from Sarajevo and Isidora Kopanja and Sofija Miljatović from Banja Luka.

The competition was organized in June of this year in order to raise awareness of the rights of children in B&H.

Primary school students from both B&H entities wrote stories how every child in B&H, regardless of gender, religion or national affiliation, degree of mobility or mental development deserves the same rights and opportunities, including food, housing, education and sport, healthcare and protection from any harm.

From the variety of children’s stories, it was difficult for the USAID jury to choose from a list of the 20 best stories on this topic, whereby, instead of the originally planned two winners, four stories were equally awarded for the ‘best story’ award.

Indira, Haruna, Isidora and Sofija will travel to Slovenia soon as special guests of the B&H basketball team.

At the same time, USAID will donate 15 computers to their schools.

The Director of USAID David Barth will declare the winners of the contest and donate the computers to their schools.

The ceremony will be held in Sarajevo on 4 September in the elementary school ‘’ Kovačići’’, and on 6 September in Banja Luka in the elementary school ‘’Ivo Andrić’’ and the elementary school ‘’Ivan Goran Kovačić’’, announced USAID.

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