US Millionaire from US Donated 5.000 Dollars for Soup Kitchen in Visoko

dolariAnel Bajtarević, who became a millionaire last month in the US after winning in the lottery 20.800.000, donated 5.000 dollars to the soup kitchen in Visoko.

Thanks to local partners, Bajtarević found out for the initiative to open a soup kitchen in Visoko and through his father Muhamed established first contact with portals.

With this payment, the Association ”Mladi Volonteri” said that the payment of the first donation is intended for the beginning of the work of the soup kitchen in Visoko.

The work of the first soup kitchen in Visoko is expected to start soon. The Association ”Mladi Volonteri” from Visoko made an entire project documentation and works on opening the kitchen is already underway.

With the project, they wish to improve the situation of socially vulnerable people in the area of municipality Visoko.

The project is based on the opening of the soup kitchen that will daily hand out around 200 meals for 200 socially vulnerable people from the entire municipality.

The soup kitchen will not be like a restaurant, but will rather be like a kitchen, where daily meals will be prepared and there will be places for the handing out of 200 meals a day, 365 days in the year.

This soup kitchen will serve meals during the weekend and during the holidays.

(Source: Fena)

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